Authentic Taiwanese Xiao Long Bao


Utilizing authentic Taiwanese secret recipes developed by extensive research and development, Tien Ma has delighted local Filipinos with addictive Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), Beef Noodle Soup, Three Cup Chicken and other delectable Taiwanese dishes. Priced very affordably to cater to the mid-market, Tien Ma continues to gain a strong following of regular customers which pave its way for continuous expansion.


Journey from Taiwan

Tien Liyuan (Tien Ma) was born in 1932 in Fang-shan township, P’ing-tung county, Taiwan. She spent her childhood in coastal southern Taiwan helping her mother cook and prepare meals for her younger siblings for their lunch boxes to school. She moved to Zhongshan District in Taipei as a young adult and perfected her Xiao Long Bao recipe while working in the kitchen at a local high school. She then opened her own stalls selling her legendary Xiao Long Bao in the night markets of Taipei. She has then retired and has passed on her secret recipe to bring the best and most authentic Xiao Long Bao to us in Manila.